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Do I Need a Septic Permit?

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Many homeowners are under the assumption that septic system permits aren’t necessary if they live outside the city limits. While permit exception may apply to some construction aspects, all on-site sewage facilities (OSSF’s) in Texas are required to have a   …Continue Reading

Why did they put my septic system there?

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Many homeowners wonder why septic designers chose a particular location for their septic system or drainfield. It can be frustrating attempting to locate a tank or drainfield, especially if it’s not where you expected it to be located. Some think   …Continue Reading

How and When You Can Hide Your Septic Tank Lids (Hint: It Depends on the Type of System You Have)

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Some septic tanks or lids are exposed at ground surface, which can be an eyesore. Ever wondered what you can do about that eyesore without causing damage to your septic system? Here are a few suggestions. If You Have An   …Continue Reading

Heavy Rain: What to Do When Your Aerobic System Alarm Activates

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With the heavy rains recently in our area, we expect many alarm activations on aerobic systems. If your system alarm has activated after rain or power failure, follow these steps before calling your maintenance provider. 1. Silence Your Alarm If   …Continue Reading

One Sign It’s Time To Pump Your Septic System

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If nothing seems wrong with your septic system—toilets are flushing, drains are running, and no weird smells—how do you know when you need to pump your septic tank? Ask yourself one question: has it been 3-5 years (or more) since   …Continue Reading

Yard Tips for a Happy & Healthy Septic System

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Spruce up your yard this summer while prolonging the health of your septic system! Here are some tips from our technicians: Keep vegetation over the absorption area Keep the vegetation mowed Don’t build anything over any part of your system   …Continue Reading

How To Protect Your Septic System During Summer Get-Togethers

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Summertime means backyard grilling, guests and having fun. Don’t forget about your septic system!   Planning a party? Pump your septic tank. While pumping your tank is not a guarantee that your septic system will be trouble-free, it certainly helps   …Continue Reading

Backflow Preventer Inspections

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If you have a septic system with a sprinkler, you may have received a letter from the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) about a required inspection for your backflow preventer. SAWS requests these inspections to help avoid cross-contamination and to   …Continue Reading

Transitioning from a Septic System to a City Sewer

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San Antonio is growing! Parts of the city that used to be out in the county are now parts of the inner city. Many septic systems are still functioning where city sewer is now available. Since a properly functioning septic   …Continue Reading

The 18 Items Your Aerobic Septic System Technician Should Be Checking

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There’s a lot more to servicing aerobic systems than adding chlorine. It takes a lot of electrical knowledge and experience to know how to diagnose and troubleshoot the electrical components of your aerobic septic system. Aerobic systems can’t treat the   …Continue Reading

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